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The Ojai Arbolada was one of Ojai's first developed subdivision. It was designed and developed by Edward Libby around 1922. In the beginning the original price of a lot started at $10,000 and sales were slow. It was not until 1958 that the subdivision really took off and many of the homes there were built. The subdivision is unique in that each home enjoys from 1/2 to 2 acres and the area is covered in native Oak trees.


There are usually no more than two to three homes available for sale at any given time. 

Area Arbolada Street names would include, Foothill Road, Tico Road, Cuyama Raod, Seirra Road, El Camino Road, El Paseo Road, Bristol Road, Palomar Road and Del Norte Road

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Learn more about this amazing neighborhood and the homes you can find here by calling or texting Ojai Realtor Andro Kotula at 805-320-7488

Types of homes that can be found in the Ojai Arbolada Neighborhood. Select an image to enlarge

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